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Bryolich gathers botanists devoted to the diffusion of knowledge on bryophytes and lichens, and to their protection and conservation in Switzerland.

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Meylania – Instructions for authors

Contributions should be submitted to the editors by the end of January (April issue) and the end of August, respectively (November issue). By submitting an article the authors confirm that they own the copyright of the article and that it has not been published elsewhere (including publication in the World Wide Web). The authorship also agrees to assign the copyright of the presented article to Meylania (Bryolich) and accepts the rules described here.

In addition to the printed version the scientific articles will be offered to members on the society’s website One year after publication of the printed version, the electronic version will be available publicly.

After publication, the authors may provide an electronic version on their own private website. It is also permitted to place a copy on a public repository of your employer. Other forms of publication are not allowed, e.g. via a commercial e-print server.

Scientific articles are not reviewed, the responsibility for content, language and style lies with the author. With respect to a quality assurance the editorship can reject manuscripts or require revisions. In case of doubt the members of the Bryolich council decide.

There are no fixed rules for structure and style. Authors are asked to refer to articles in current issues of Meylania. An English summary should be provided with all scientific articles. Please send your texts without format instructions; the formatting is done with the layout process. Articles should not be longer than 6 pages. For longer articles, contact the newsletter editor before submission. The editor desires a previous announcement of articles, as it facilitates organization.