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Swiss Zoological Society (SZS)

Logo of Swiss Zoological Society
The Swiss Zoological Society (SZS) aims at the promotion of scientific research in all fields of zoology, the encouragement of the publication of new discoveries and the facilitation of the exchange of ideas, particularly between young scientists.
The SZS is open to people who are interested in zoology and is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT). In collaboration with botanic and systematic societies, the SZS organises an annual two-day conference on a specifically SELECT_ed topic, in the framework of their common interests in ecology, behavioural biology and evolution. The «Revue Suisse de Zoologie», published in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Geneva, is an internationally renowned specialised journal and, at the same time, the official publication of the SSZ. In addition, the SSZ offers several travel grants to its active students each year, allowing the young scientists to participate in international conferences.

Year founded: 1893
Number of members: 483 (2016)
Swiss Zoological Society (SZS) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Biology


Swiss Zoological Society (SZS)
c/o Prof. Dr. Walter Salzburger
University of Basel
Zoologisches Institut
Vesalgasse 1
4051 Basel