SST supports toxicological research and application to protect humans, animals and the environment. It promotes education and training as well as exchange among experts in Switzerland and represents their concerns. SST cooperates with corresponding societies abroad.

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  1. Basic Principles in Toxicology (Fundamentals - Concepts - New developments - Food safety)
  2. a. Laboratory Animal Sciences (Animal Welfare and Handling - General techniques - Reduce, Refine, Replace) following the 'BVET Verordnung vom 12-Oct-1998: Ausbildung von Personen die Tierversuche, durchführen"
    b. Animal Experimentations in Toxicology (Part1: Study Directors in animal experiments - Part 2: Principles of Biometry - Neurotoxicology)
  3. Organ Toxicology and Pathology (Functional-, structural manifestations of Toxicity)
  4. Xenobiotic Metabolism - Toxicokinetics
  5. a. Cellular and Molecular Toxicology (Molecular mechanisms - Signal transduction pathways)
    b. In Vitro Toxicology (Cell culture procedures - slices - In Vitro Toxicity testing)
  6. 6. Chemical Mutagenesis (Genogenicity - Repair - Mutation - Recombination)
  7. Chemical Carcinogenesis (Oncogenicity - Tumor histopathology - Receptor-mediated Oncogenesis)
  8. Reproductive Toxicology (Endocrine Toxicology)
  9. a. Clinical Toxicology (Clinical Manifestation of Toxicity)
    b. Dermatotoxicology and Immunotoxicology (Immunological Impairment / Adverse effects)
  10. a. Epidemiology and Toxicology (Biomonitoring, Occupational Toxicology)
    b. Toxicology of Residuals (Food Toxicology)
  11. Risk Assessment (Extrapolation - Assessment of data - Risk Management - Regulatory Toxicology)
  12. Ecotoxicology (Aquatic Toxicology - Analytical Toxicology)