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The Swiss Society for Food Chemistry (SFC) is a multidisciplinary association of active persons in different fields of the food and environmental chemistry and in related subjects, such as food technology, food science and food security. Generally, the SFC members are interested in analytical issues.

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Originally formed as a networking and discussion platform for the chemists working in cantonal laboratories, the SFC quickly spread to chemists of other fields and to pharmacists using chemical analysis methods. The SFC aims at promoting the understanding of the food and environmental chemistry basis in order to protect people and their environment. To do so, congresses, excursions and workshops are organised by the society. The SFC maintains close relations to universities, universities of applied science and vocational schools and gives its advisory for the installation of directive lines in education and study plans. The SFC maintains contacts to corresponding societies and national as well as international authorities, and is member of the analytical chemistry section of the “Swiss Chemical Society”, the “Swiss Food Net” and the “Swiss National Committee of the International Union for Food Science and Technology”.

Year founded: 1886
Number of members: 250 (2017)
Swiss Society for Food Chemistry (SFC) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Chemistry