Various specialist societies of the different scientific disciplines as well as the Cantonal and Regional societies for natural sciences are member of SCNAT.

Naturforschende Gesellschaft Schaffhausen (NGSH)

Logo von Naturforschende Gesellschaft Schaffhausen
The Schaffhausen society of natural sciences (Naturforschende Gesellschaft Schaffhausen (NGSH)) is actively dedicated to natural sciences and technics. Throughout diverse activities, the NGSH wants to raise the interest for natural sciences and to highlight the interdependence of these topics.
The NGSH offers a large range of offers for the interested persons, such as presentations, excursions, visits and publications. Its interest is focused on the Schaffhausen area. However, the NGSH’s perspectives are going beyond that: in 2012, the NGSH put in operation a new observatory possessing a modern planetarium.

Year founded: 1822
Naturforschende Gesellschaft Schaffhausen (NGSH) is a member of SCNAT, Platform Science and Regions (Platform NWR)


Naturforschende Gesellschaft Schaffhausen (NGSH)
8201 Schaffhausen